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BRJ Avocats Associés is formed of legal professionals from different backgrounds, who have come together through a shared desire to provide their clients with their experience and expertise as part of a humane and adaptable approach.

Our diversity and the way we complement one another is the source of the richness of our team.

Fatoumata Brouard

Fatoumata Brouard

Fatoumata Brouard is registered at the Paris Bar since 1996 and is co-founder of BRJ Avocats Associés. She mostly works as external Head of Legal and HR department.

Hers skills and assets:

  • high qualified legal advice and litigation services, focused on :  HR issues, commercial contracts and partnerships, IT contracts and intellectual property legal issues; retructuring legal plans and business transfers;
  •  experience and knowledge acquired through the tough and demanding school of a Parisian practice;
  • she works in both French and English;
  • consultant and trainer;

Mélanie Rasseneur

Lawyer at the Paris Bar since 2003, Mélanie Rasseneur is co-founder of BRJ Avocats Associés formerly named « BROUARD & RASSENEUR ».

She provides legal advice and litigation services focused on labour law, customs law and family law.

With the benefit of her specific experience in first-rate litigation firms, Mélanie Rasseneur puts her expertise at the service of our clients.

Mélanie Rasseneur is a member of Avosiala network of lawyers highly experienced in labour law.

Mélanie Rasseneur
Lilia Ould Kaci

Lilia Ould Kaci

Lilia has been a legal assistant with the firm since 2014, and deals with customer and supplier relations for the law firm.

Our expertise in legal analysis is at your service – contact us to discuss your professional and personal needs in business, employment and family law.

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