E-Commerce Legal advice and assistance for entrepreneurs, e-businesses and web agencies


We are aware of the challenges and issues business and e-business owners face and we assist them in full knowledge of the facts in their assignment and external growth operations, including offering legal advice and audits, preparing legal documents, negotiation and formal procedures.

Our law firm assists its clients throughout the entire operation.

We carry out your securities sales and acquisitions between partners operations in compliance with the applicable statutory provisions and while meeting the formal requirements.

We are here to help you plan for the external growth of your company through the sale or acquisition of securities or funds.

We advise you during the legal audit phase of the target or pre-sale audit of your company.

Our legal audit includes the operating contracts of the business activity (clients and providers), employment contracts, leases, legal secretarial services (ordinary and extraordinary general shareholders meetings), brands, domain names, licences and litigation.

In tandem with the financial and accounting audit entrusted to your accounting advisor, it allows your to refine the value and risks involved in your approach.

We provide the write-up and negotiation of deeds of sales and acquisition of securities and deeds of warranty (guarantees of liabilities, performance bonds and pledges).

Our firm also handles the possible escrow of funds (with the participation of the Paris Bar Association Escrow Fund where applicable), and formal procedures for registration and announcement.

We offer our legal expertise to help you face the day-to-day challenges of owning a business.

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